Tuesday, April 17, 2012

First Practice - Cold but Fun!

The first practice is always so hard.  The little ones come home so tired.  This year, even though the temperatures have been in the high 80's all month they dropped for this day and it was very chilly.  Other neighborhoods don't start this early but we do.  I wish we were a little less competitive but no matter we are proud to be Cuda's.  The first practice is here and I just can't believe it.
The Jr. Coaches (in my family that includes - Goobers, Bear, Sugar, and Possible) work so hard to help the younger ones adapt to all of the hard work they will expect everyday at practice.
 Jr. Coaches love their job.  This is Goobers friend A happy to be pool side again.
Pickle was nervous at the beginning this He moved up age levels from last year and he needs to learn the flip turn.  I think that has him a little nervous but he will get it in time.
 Bagel is a natural.  She just swims and swims well. 

 Bagel is at home in the water.
Princess is at home with her friends.  Our little social butterfly.
 Sugar and Possible are hanging out trying to stay warm while waiting for the next group to get in the water.
 Bear decides to direct from the side lines. 
 Go Bagel Go!

 I love that Goobers is willing to be cold but she still gives her all to help.  I had many a parent come over to me and ask about my kiddos.  Many positive comments, "My daughter didn't give up because of your daughter.", "Your son taught my son  so much last year, I am glad he is back.", "My kids couldn't wait to get back to see their Jr coaches again.  They love your kids."  I feed on comments like that.  It really does warm my heart. 
 Bear leads the pre-swim warm ups.
 Princess is looking for friends to show up.
 Pickle getting ready.

 Sugar still offering advice after getting out of pool.  The work of a Jr. Coach never ends.
It was a good practice and I think this picture of A and Possible sums it up well.  Cold say for sure, but it was great to be back to the pool with friends.

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  1. Wow...your kids are amazing! I hope mine turn out so well!!! All families, regardless of size are a blessing, but there's something about large families that lead to such holiness. I believe it is b/c parents can not hover or "helicopter" over any one child for too long...siblings learn to lean on each other...to kiss and make up...

    I saw this often in my Mom's family...she is the youngest of 6 (and the only girl! Just like my Mary!)


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