Monday, April 16, 2012

Week 27 - Hello Third Trimester

I knew we were leaving the "easy" trimester because once again I feel like my all my energy is gone.  My motivation and ability to stay awake seams to have disappeared again.  I barely fit behind the wheel so my driving time will be coming to a close soon.   Did I mention that my feet are huge and they hurt sooooo much.   My precious Jumba doesn't like to see me in pain.  When I complained about my foot hurting he ran and got some lotion and then very gently rubbed my foot.  He says that he hates feet but it might help me.  I am so lucky. 

All that being said we are doing great.  Even though my body hurts in ways that I never thought were possible, they are normal "pregnant with twins" pains.  I am sore because I am growing two babies and they take the growing seriously.  Our appointment this week went well.  Mom is healthy.  My feet are swollen but that is the normal swelling and not the dangerous kind.  My blood presure was normal and the babies are growing at a good pace.   Twin A on my left side was 2 lbs 6 oz and Twin B on the right side was 2 lbs 14 oz.  The difference is healthy so as of yet there is nothing to worry about.  I am told that making it to week 27 is huge.  The survival rate is now much much higher.  We did have ultrasounds but no good pictures.  There is just too much baby squeezed into a small area. 
I hope that I can find the stregnth I need to get through the last trimester.  I don't want to push my other kiddos away, as they have always been so good to me.  My goal is tune down the outside world as our redo of the twins room/office is coming to a close.  We will start some quiet school days with mom trying to keep her feet up.  We will focus on their reading.  The next 7 to 8 weeks I hpe to focus on the others so that when the twins are born we can all focus on them.  God help me, please.


  1. Yay, good news is always welcome!!!

  2. Thank God everything is normal....but just seeing 3rd trimester, I know you are not feeling "normal"'s so hard those last months,'s hard all 9 mos actually!! Prayers for you to remain strong and that your days go fast!!


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