Friday, April 13, 2012

Bagel Goes to College (for the day)

Pooker had a day with Bagel this week.  I am afraid that her favorite part was the cafeteria.  She had a blast and I have not seen her that tired in a long long time.  She was very spoiled by Pooker.  Bagel even got to go swimming and to play Frisbee.  She came home and got the Frisbees out the next morning to practice for the next visit.  Thanks again to Pooker for remembering how much these little ones miss Pooker being at home all the time.   We are a close family and Pooker is working hard to respect that and to find a new balance as our lives change.


  1. LOVE the picture! Priceless! That is something Bagel will always remember! I've never forgotten the Christmas that my 2nd oldest sister & I stayed up real late one night and watched an old movie when we were home for the holidays. Younger siblings always look up to their older siblings!

  2. Awwww! I would have loved to have had older siblings...especially an older sister. Being a "firstborn" I've never got to have that experience. I do have a younger sister and can recall many fun times together. So sad that my Mary has no sisters. :( Sister-friendship is the best! I love to watch my boys play together. Oh well, Mary and I are especially close too!

    1. You never know what God has in store for her. She might marry into a huge family of mostly girls, or she might become a sister in a thriving order. Don't give up on your prayer for sister for her because it is a beautiful thing. God will find a way to answer the prayer.


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