Friday, April 13, 2012

Box Camping

With all of the new furniture we have added to our baby/office room we had lots of big boxes hanging around.  The little ones got so excited about spending the night in a box.  I was OK with it but had a mom's meeting so I left.  When I got home the house was quiet and couldn't even find my dear hubby. 

Then I looked in the boxes, yep there he was.  Apparently he moved from box to box so each child had dad "visit" their home for a few hours.  He moved to his bed around 4 a.m.  I don't think his back could take any more of it.  I get so upset with my hubby sometimes, as all wives do.  Then I discover what a fun dad he really is.  These kids are so blessed to have Mr. J T as their dad and I am blessed to have him as my hubby.  The boxes went to the curb the next morning in time for trash pick up but the talk of sleeping in the boxes lasted for several days. 


  1. Amazing how simple little things like sleeping in boxes make the best memories!

  2. All that money we spend on our kids, when all they need is a big box!

  3. What a great daddy...and hubby you got there!


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