Thursday, April 26, 2012

In my dreams!

Most every Catholic mother prays that one of her sons will end up becoming a priest.  J and I are blessed with a very close friend who is a priest, making the priesthood a very real part of our lives and the lives of our children.  We have been very open to life.  God could have sent us all boys and we would have formed them in hopes they all were open to His Call.  At this point out of my 13 children, 2 are in heaven, 6 are girls, 2 more girls waiting to be born, and 3 boys.  They are 16, 11, and 4 1/2.  I don't know if God is calling any of them to the priesthood but a mom can have dreams can't she?

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  1. hubby and I have 5 boys and 3 girls. I keep on thinking that our 3rd son is called to the priesthood but maybe it is just wishful thinking. I keep on praying for all our boys and girls to follow Gods will and find their little place that will help them get to heaven.


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