Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Ummmm, I'm sorry!"

When we moved 10 years ago, our movers knocked over our garden statue of the Blessed Mother.
They tried to blame the wind and we laughed, but never replaced her.  Instead we glued her head back on. 
Tonight Jumba came to me with the "I'm sorry" speech for about the 5th time today.

I can't get the straight story.  I was told that he threw a football so hard that it knocked her over and her head popped off again.  I find that as believable as the wind story.
The other version was that Jumba went to hug her,  fell into her, knocking her over.  That I believe.
Either way Mary is without a head and Jumba is sorry.  I am a little worried that this is an indication that Lent isn't going that well for us.


  1. LOL something is always getting broke, isn't it? Last post you touched a bit on age, can I ask how old you are? sorry for being nosy. I am 44 and just curious how many others out there my age are still having babies.

    1. My "advanced maternal age" as the OB says is 43. It only feels advanced when I think about parenting teenagers over 60. I am sure it will be wonderful, as it is HIS plan. My good friend just gave birth at 48 to a late surprise baby. I guess I should not complain unless I am as old as Sarah from the bible. If I am still having babies at 90, God and I might not be that close anymore. Just Kidding.

    2. LOL! I don't feel of advanced age either, but when I was recently at the OB office I thought that all the pregnant moms looked like my oldest kids ages and that made me stop!!! But, hey, you are younger than me and being over 40 is like dog years ,so that is like about 10 yrs younger :)

  2. I hear ya, Shannon...I don't feel "advanced" either...except around 9 PM when I am just beyond exhausted after chasing toddler, preschooler, and schoolage-r around all day! :)

    Anyway, what a cute post! Poor Jumba...I'm sure he really was contrite! And poor Blessed Mother! She needs a bit of TLC in repairs, huh?!!!


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