Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Pattern Continues - Week 21.2

Girl-Girl-Boy-Girl-Girl-Boy-Girl-Girl-Boy . . . you remember these pattern problems from 1st grade math.  What should come next?  Girl and then Girl!  That is exactly what  God is sending, two girls.  M and M will be two more beautiful Girls to add to our family.  If a later ultrasound sees something different, we will let you know.

This is a shot of the tops of heads.  They were both heads up and neither were lower than the other.  It was hard to determine a Baby A and a Baby B.  So for today Baby A was on the right and Baby B is on my left. The visit was a good one, and yet I left with many butterflies back.  I will be seeing a specialist on Tuesday.  The doctor made that decision while making notes on the placenta and the blood flow.  I don't think he noted anything bad just concern over the shared placenta.  We know that we are having identical twins as this is clearly one placenta and not two fused together. Baby B was 10% larger than Baby A and we don't panic over the Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome until there is a 20% difference.  Yet it is a concern. 

 I am trying to let go of my fear for these two and enjoy the images of my cute little ladies.  Here is the little Lady on my right side (now known as Baby A).
 This is the young Lady on the Left side (now known as Baby B.)  Her sister's head is peeking in on the side. 

 I left kind of depressed because of the need to see the other doctor, but the good news is that means another ultrasound next week.  This will be very high tech as they examine each baby very closely and set some markers to look for.  The doctor wanted to see if we needed another course of action so he will confer with doctor number two, all while I get to peek again. 

What do you do as a family to celebrate knowing the sexes and needing to distract mom and dad, go register at "Baby's R Us"!

This was such a silly way to spend two hours and yet so much fun.  I made dad share the "gun" with the kiddos as we tagged items for our wish list in the store.  Not easy considering dad didn't want to share.  LOL I could not believe all of the strong opinions my kiddos have over strollers, high chairs and everything else. 

As we left J kept asking if I remembered the prices on stuff.  He admitted that it was now growing more and more real to him as to the financial changes two will make.  He did mention that going out with identical twin girls is a great way to end our baby fest.  I giggled because I have thought we were finished many times before.  I am getting old but God still might have another plan. 

So until next week's ultrasound and visit with the specialist doctor I am going to rejoice in the knowledge of two precious "normal females".  They were very active and that is always a good sign.  We also decided that being identical twins with very thin membranes separating them unto separate cribs might be silly.  We plan to use one crib.  J and I also agreed on bedding for our little ones, which means I get to spend the next few weeks changing our school room into a baby room/office. 

Here the crowd is trying out different rocking chairs.  We missed Pooker's opinions but college calls. 

Dad couldn't help to get in on the act but only after telling everyone to pretend to be mom,  apparently that means falling asleep when sitting down.

So here we are:  Princess, Pickle M & M, and I.  My belly just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  The good news is that my blood pressure is great and the doctor thinks it is good news that I am now gaining weight, just 4 pounds, but he was happy I wasn't still loosing. 
And here I am at Week 21.3 wearing one of my new fun twin shirts.  It says "Marco" under one baby and "Polo" under the other.


  1. How exciting, love the pattern...we have no pattern, except that the boys like to come early.

    Love the tee again!

  2. Love, LOVE, LOVE!!!! So happy for you and your whole family! Need to see you and your beautiful prego self! Love you!

  3. you look great. congrats on 2 more girls! LOL about your husband saying you are "going out " with twins. Never say you are done, because that just invokes Murphy's Law!!

  4. What great news!!! Like you said, rejoice in all the good news so far and put the rest in God's hands and the competent specialists. I'll tell ya a little secret..I sort of like being gestational diabetic b/c I HAD to see a perinatologist and got lots of incredible ultrasound pics. The machines they have amaze me!!!

    So excited about the news of twin girls!!! And yah, I wouldn't count yourselves out...yet! With as fertile as you two are, you might very well be one of those couples having kiddos into your late 40s! My great-grandmother delivered her last at 48!!!

    Blessings...I can't WAIT to go fabric shopping!!!


    P.S. Did I use enough exclamation marks in this?!!!

  5. the picture with the rocking chairs is hilarious! :)

  6. Neen, I don't know how you found me, but I am so glad that you did. Your life, family and the witness you share here is such a blessing. I am so inspired by you and your family. Thank you for bringing hope to the world, one life (or in this case two lives!) at at time.

    1. You are very kind. I think I found you from Catholic Moms online (maybe). About two months ago I started searching for more positive things to read than the news. I feel in love with a handful of families through their blogs. Now I read them as often as I can.


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