Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"How did this happen? Twins"

We saw the specialist yesterday and were greeted with the question, "How did this happen?"  I wasn't sure what she was asking because you would suspect a doctor with multiples as a specialty might already know about that special love between a man and woman.  I must have looked dumbfounded because then she offered, "You just don't often see this naturally.  With identical it has to be natural, but it is rare."  I forgot that she was the one you would see to handle a pregnancy of multiples after an invitro procedure.  I admit it made me a little sad that we as a society play God so much that we risk loosing the wonder of His creations.
The labels of A and B have flipped as this time the baby on the left side has suck down and is almost positioned under her sister on my right side.  The above shot is that of Baby on Right Side.

This is a shot of Baby on the Left Side.  Last week she was the one that was hard to get a shot of.  This week she was ready, but her sister hid most of the time.  Well her face was hidden but we did get good measurements. 

The beauty of 3D ultrasound shows the beauty of our precious Left side Baby.  J was watching the entire ultrasound but the second the technician switched to this screen J's face lit up.  That is our Baby girl on the Left side, we can see her nose and her precious eyes and lips.  We didn't get a shot of the Right side Baby but they are identical so she looks a lot like this.
The great news is that as of today they look great.  All anatomy is where it should be, the weights are normal and the placenta is providing both babies with all they need.  The fear of the issues are there and will be there until they are delivered.   Issues can develop at any time so we will now have ultrasounds every two weeks.  I was happy to learn that a natural delivery is still possible but I was told not to count on it.  "You just never know with Twins!"  I am learning everyday that these two babies are going to change our lives.  No mater how our lives change we feel very blessed!


  1. It does seem rare these days to see "natural" twins. My husband has a cousin, who is a sister to twin girls and she is having twins, girl and boy in June...I also have a cousin, who is a twin, and his wife is having twin girls in June!! Both natural and very exciting!!

    It must be so exciting to see them both in there--Identical? Wow, even more exciting, just knowing how close they will be.

  2. Actually, it can happen "naturally" with vitro pregnancies as well. As you know, there is a "window of opportunity" for when the embryo can split. This does sometimes happen to a singleton embryo transferred to mother's womb. Again, not very often, but identical twins are also conceived via "in vitro".

  3. Good news! Glad to hear that the twins are doing so well. How exciting to see the 3D ultrasound.

  4. Neen, your daughters are so beautiful. As you encounter all the various doctors, remember that you have an opportunity to witness and minister to them in a very powerful way through your life and words. As a medical student, I was amazed to see how my attending physicians could be caught off guard, surprised and impacted by the viewpoints of their patients. Thank you for your inspiring witness.


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