Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cudas are back!

Sign ups were this weekend for our summer love, the neighborhood swim team.  You don't have to be a perfect swimmer.  You won't hurt the team even if you are bad.  You swim against your own times and just try to improve.  My kiddos love the atmosphere of creating the unity of this huge team.  We debate each year if we have the time and effort.  We did sign everyone up, well not everyone.  Then I was given some shots someone else got of my kiddos last year.  It really is inspiring.  She did a wonderful job with these pictures and really captured each kids personality or swim spirit while in the water.  I love them.  Thank you so much K for the great pictures.
 Coach Pooker watching one of her younger swimmers. 
 Goobers (maybe in mid flip turn)
 Bear, thinking he is all that
 Sugar with clear determination
 Possible was hurt last year and not able to swim.  She was often found cheering others on with Jumba close at hand.
 Pickle getting ready for the back stroke, nervous and yet in his element.
 Princess commanding a new stroke.
 Bagel is the real "swimmer" in the family.  She has the body, the skill and the drive.  I like this out of the water shot though, cause I love her smile the most.

A neighbor makes his own root beer and he gathered my little taste testers together for this shot.

This would be the family shot after Divisional with the team trophy. I don't think my kiddos help us earn it that much with their times but they did with their team spirit. Thanks again K for the great shots and for sharing them. These were very inspiring for Dad and I after paying to sign everyone up. GO CUDAS


  1. You are definitely committed to the swim team! I never was one to go out for swim team even though I love water...all bodies of water...pools, frigid lakes, powerful oceans...but the cool weather that we often have through June makes pool water seem especially cold. And I'm not who likes to compete. I think this is such a great activity for your kiddos...something they can all do together...and is both a team and individual sport. Go CUDAS!

    1. It is something I would never have done. I really would have been way to shy to stand on that block in a swimsuit waiting for a buzzer to ring. The presure would have killed me. I think that is why I love that my kids do it. I admire how brave they are.

      Then the whole homeschooling thing also means that we seek identiy in bigger groups sometimes. They are only 8 out of 340 swimmers but they still set this tone of excitment that the rest of the team feeds off of. It is super cool to watch your own kiddos help move a crowd that big.


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