Friday, March 23, 2012

Goober's Truck

Goobers is now 17 1/2. She will be 18 this summer. We let the kids get their drivers license and start driving when they are finished with high school work. Goobers is there. J and I have spent months trying to track down the right car for our second born. She is a beautiful but tough kind of young woman. She wanted a truck more than anything.
Our searching finally paid off, and it felt like it was without effort. There at the front of our neighborhood was this 1995 Ford 150. Goobers was in love. I don't get it as the truck was "born" in the summer of 94 just like Goobers.
The frustrating part is that it needed quit a bit of work done. The bad news is that it doesn't have a working heater, the good news is the air conditioner works fine and we live in Houston - who needs heat!?!
So now that we finally got the vehicle home she is thrilled. She will be working on her drive times and soon be a legal driver on the roads.

Looking at the size of the car she fell in love I hope she doesn't have space issues. Oh well she is very happy and I know she will give her best, like she does in all that she does.
We don't give our children everything. We feel that a car to get to and from college classes is a gift that we are honored to give. Then to see this smile let dad and I know that we were on the right track.  Be safe out there girlfriend.


  1. She looks so happy! Congrats to your daughter on her first car...I mean, truck!

  2. Love the color!!! She does look happy!


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