Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Family Fun for Superbowl

What does Superbowl Sunday mean to the T Family.  It means yummy foods, a little innocent betting within the family, and lots of football (or commercials depending on your preference.)  The kids look forward to this every year and as of now Sugar has claimed it as her holiday to host all our families later in life.  The fun began a little later this year as Princess, Bagel, Jumba and I drove to UST to pick up Goobers.  She had spent the weekend trying out college life with her big sister.  Pooker was not able to join in this annual family tradition.  We missed her but still had a blast.  She watched the game with her dorm buddies and texted the older kiddos enough that they almost felt like she was with us in the middle of things. 

Sugar made sure that everyone was wearing a little football makeup.  Jumba felt that to watch football he should look older so she added a mustache and goatee for that little cutie.  So silly.  Everyone picked their sides and bet on each quarter.  In the end Princess won the loot for the 1st and 3rd quarter, Jumba won for the 2nd and Goobers won the 4th.  Crazy fun.  I love how much these kids love to spend time together.  We were invited to several parties but no one wanted to go.  Instead we hung out together.  That makes for a Super Sunday for sure!

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