Saturday, February 4, 2012

Park Time - A little wet

Our home school group meets after First Friday Mass each month and heads to the park.  It had rained all the week before (Thank God as Houston and surrounding areas are still in a drought.) and was looking like another damp day.  The temperatures were in the 70's but the threat of rain kept many of the other families at home.  We joined just a few others at the park for a delightful morning.  The kiddos loved the time with their peers.  Sugar and Possible were alone in their age groups so they sat with the moms or took these pictures.  Pickle and Bagel always love a little football time.  Mom loves the time with friends to chat.  It was a great morning.  We missed so many friends but will probably see them at the home school Valentine Party that is coming up.  We went home a little damp but with smiles on our faces.

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