Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pro-Life Baby Shower

One of the coolest things my homeschool group does is to throw baby showers two times a year.  We get together to say the rosary for our unborn and for an end to abortion.  The group gathers with the purpose to honor life, all life.  They honor all moms no matter what number the pregnancy is on.  Each person brings enough small gifts (only if they want) to put into each basket.  All pregnant moms have one basket that are filled with creative, fun, small baby gifts.  I posting a few examples so that others can copy this idea.  It is so nice to be honored even though it isn't our first baby.  Each mom feels loved and cared for, often times when we need it the most.  Gifts don't need to cost much at all.  It is the idea of praying for each other and celebrating life.

These are my special gift that I wrote about a few weeks back. We made two burp clothes, one with the rosary and the other was with Holy Mary. 

I missed the shower this time because we were headed to St. Louis at that time.  It was so much fun looking at all the gifts.  I encourage all of you out there to host your own pro-life shower for  the woman in your bible studies or your homeschool groups.  It is a great way to live out your pro-life convictions, it doesn't cost much and everyone has a blast.

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