Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wild Weekend

We had a quiet weekend at home.  We worked hard to prepare for trip while at the same time enjoying our time with each other.  I worked hard on gifts for a baby shower.  Our home school group has the wonderful tradition of having a baby shower for all the pregnant woman every year.  This year it is a record number of pregnant moms.  We try to give each other small gifts to just celebrate each new life.  Everyone is honored,  no matter if they have 10 or 1 already.  I love this tradition.  It is so very pro-life.  We get together and pray the rosary for the unborn babies in the group and the moms.   

I try to make burp clothes for everyone.  I like making these ones that have Holy Mary on them.  And the second one for each mom is a rosary.  I paint these each time and I am amazed that how each Mary looks different, some look happy others sad, some are perfect and others are sloppy looking.  All are done together and with the utmost care and yet they are all different.  I explained how to do it in an old post check it out to learn more.

The comments I get from everyone lets me know that whatever one each person gets it is perfect for them.  It is just one of those small God things that happens.  I worked hard to make 17 sets this time.  That was a lot of Mary's and Rosaries.  So much work but so fun.  Now I only wish I could make it to the baby shower where 15 babies are being honored (two are my twins.)  Unfortunately we will be headed to St. Louis for the March for Life the day of the shower.  I will miss this fun.

This was a huge football weekend for our corner of the world.  The NFL Conference Championships were fought for this weekend.  The New Orleans Saints and the Houston Texans were both teams that were fighting for their titles.  Saturday the Saints went down and then on Sunday the Texans didn't do well either.  It was very hard for my two little men and their dad.  This has been a fun season for J.  His boys took an interest and started watching with him.  His girls always have watched, but for a dad he wants to share football with his boys!  All football people were sad by the end of the weekend. 

The highlight of the weekend was talking to Pooker on Skype.  The boys miss her  much more than I thought they would.  Everyone misses having her around all the time.   Jumba asked dad on Sunday if it was time to visit her yet.  Bear is constantly checking the front door to see if she is "home yet".  I don't even think he realized how much he does it.  I wanted a better picture but they got mad at me for taking pictures all the time.

We love seeing Pooker even if it is just for a short time on the computer. Another weekend had passed and we spent time with each other so it was time well spent.

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