Thursday, January 19, 2012

Leg one - Get to St. Louis

Our big trip has started. The first and most difficult part was the very long drive with just one driver, mom. The kiddos were very worried because my usual position while dad drives is to sleep. I defend that position by saying that I don't always love how J drives. I can't criticize him if I am asleep. I think I do him a favor by sleeping. That being said I couldn't keep my eyes open at all on our return trip from St. Louis. (I was just pregnant with twins people and now we are in trimester 2.)
We got up early and took off before the sun came up.  It was an early start and hard leaving Pooker, Possible and J behind.  I was looking forward to the trip until we left.  Then the worry and stress of the drive got to me. 

We had to stop way more than I would have liked.  I had to use the rest room every so often.  My belly needed to stretch too.  It made for a long long day.  I loved the time with the kiddos also.  I got to pick the radio tunes and I like my selection tons.  Now the kids were very honest and prefer Dad's music to moms.

It is really cold up here in the "Show Me State".  Quit a chill after leaving 75 plus degree weather back in Houston.  I am happy to finally have a real chill like winter should have. 

Our last stop was because mom needed to get out of car and walk around.  I admit that the last 2 hours were the worst.  I was fighting fatigue but was able to rest once we arrived.
I am proud of us for doing so well on the drive. Bear with Goobers were able to keep the lights to the trailer on. They braved the cold temps to fix the connection several times during our drive. The kids were all well behaved and tolerated mom and her music. We have arrived and slept in late. Now for our St. Louis adventure and the departure of the March for Life travelers. We miss Possible, Pooker and Dad so much. Love you guys.

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  1. Wow! I am impressed. I can understand the fatigue, I know how it is to be pregnant!


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