Monday, January 9, 2012

Pregnancy Dreams are starting!

I have never really had vivid dreams when I was pregnant but boy the past two nights have been very different.  Both nights a person from my past has been featured and I wake up with a need to talk to these people.  It is so weird. 

Saturday Night  the dreams were all about a friend from here in Texas.  We are in the same homeshcool group.  We are in neighboring parishes.  We shop at the same stores.  I have not seen her in awhile but could see her any time.  When we had Jumba she gave me a rocking chair that was in her garage at the time.  She now has a young granddaughter with another grandchild on the way.  This was all very vivid in my dreams.  K actually got me started in blogging.  I read her family blog before even knowing her that well.  Then when we got closer I decided to try my own blog.  I love that world that she introduced me to.  Her current blog is mostly about running (a passion we do not share) and her precious family.  Check out K and her family here.   Now I need to be off to write her an email and see if she might want this rocking chair back for her daughter and grand babies.

Sunday Night the dreams were about a highschool friend that I have reconnected with over facebook and then through blogging.  In highschool we were friends but didn't know each other as much as we do now.   I remember her as having a passion for history and politics.  She now lives in Kansas and has a beautiful blog about her faith, family and interests.  She has three beautiful children on earth with more in heaven.  I learned of her lost ones last night and could not get it off my mind.  In my dreams we went to visit her.  She and her very kind hubby served us every kind of meat possible.  I dreamed of so much meat I woke up feeling full.  It was so strange.  Now I have a strong desire to go and visit Val.  You can peek into Val's life and her family here.  (I have never seen meat on her blog - don't know why it was in my dreams.)

Who knows what I will dream about tonight!  Is anyone safe?

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  1. Oh, Shannon! You are so funny and I keep thinking that this was God's way of speaking to me...through you! I think this was God's way of saying...keep it is so short...enjoy what you have now before experiencing true joy in Heaven!

    Thank you, dear friend! With twins on the way, I'm afraid that our possible "girls get-away" must go on hold! Pooey...but so excited for you! Here's hoping that the next 6 months go by quickly and we can come see those precious babies of yours soon!

    Meat...oh my! :)


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