Sunday, January 8, 2012

Was it a crazy Sunday? Or a normal one?

Jumba will do anything to be like his daddy. He copied dad's outfit this morning.
So cute, both of them!
The kids gave their dad a written request at dinner time.  Pooker will be moving to the dorms this week.  The kids kept saying this is our last dinner with Pooker.  It isn't the last one just the last big Sunday meal before Pooker moves to the dorms.  We hope that she will join us for a few meals here and there.

Anyway they all wanted to play "Simon Says".  J leads a mean game of Simon.

The kids are so intense, it is so funny to watch.

They take it seriously with lots of protests when Simon says they are out. 
They only played two rounds, with the first being practice and the second being 20 minutes long. These crazy kiddos. They know how to have a blast with their daddy, that is for sure!


  1. My heart aches just a little when I see pictures of your's just jealousy rearing up it's ugly head.

    I did hear a beautiful radio program a couple of months ago that lifted my spirits...

    This priest said, (I didn't catch his name) that someday when we are all reunited in Heaven, ALL of my children will be waiting there for me...and will KNOW me! They will reach out their arms and say, "Mama, come here, I want you to meet Jesus. He took care of me when you couldn't."

    OMG...and I mean that...I had to stop the minivan b/c I was sobbing so hard. My three kiddos in the van had no idea what was going on. I was practically wailing!

    Since then, I keep thinking about this huge family reunion with my 5 kiddos in heaven and 3 on earth...and nothing makes me happier than all of us together with God!


  2. I love that. When my friend Linda was dying she had a vision of the Blessed Mother holding a baby. She said that she had miscarried one child years ago and honestly had forgotten about it as she planned for her death. Mary spoke to her heart and said, "We are waiting for you and will see you soon. Please don't worry about your children on earth. I will watch over them and care for them just like I have with this one."

    I know what that priest said is 100% true! Linda was told that same thing my Mary herself.

    Sometimes I look at the lives of friends that don't have full houses and get jealous also. I wish I had time to sew. Oh well, God is calling us to the same heaven but on different paths.


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