Friday, January 13, 2012

More of a Neen Update Week 14.5

Still do not like posting pictures of my ugly self but I promised I would. I don't feel that big yet except when trying to get out of one couch that needs to be replaced.
I have had a very bad few days. I had been operating on the notion that the second placenta and two sacs were hard to see during the first few ultrasounds but would get easier to see as time when on. I read yesterday that the opposite is true. This broke my heart just a little. I am still holing that we find the two sacs at least. Babies that share both are very rare, like only 1% of all identical twins. A friend tied to encourage me by saying that they were rare yesterday and my response was that so was Possible's "1 in two billion"  heart condition. God likes to send me rare.

The term is MO-MO babies and these are identical twins that split later, maybe as much as 8 days after conception. Any later and they could be conjoined twins, and we know ours are not Siamese by the ultrasounds. MO-Mo comes from the two words monochorionic-monoamniotic, one placenta - one sac. I am the type of person that must know what I am up against. I admit that if they are true MO-MO's I am very scared for them. I read that they have a 60% survival rate. Honestly that is better than Possibles was so we might be just fine in the end. Getting there might be difficult. They will require lots of monitoring. I read one woman was put into the hospital for observation around week 23 and then they did a c-section at week 27. That is a long time for a healthy person to be in the hospital. We will do what we need for the babies for sure. I am taken back by what all this could mean.

J is ignoring it all until the doctor tells him to deal with it. I am not way. I must know all I can up front. He will keep me balanced. Thanks for all my friends that listened to me worry today and prayed with me and for me. Let me just say that I know nothing more than I did at last week's update about our twins. I feel movement every now and then and look forward to feeling more of it. I can feel a cold coming on but it won't hurt any of us. I will do all I can for the twins with my diet and behavior and I will again practice my trust in God. Not easy for me but He loves me enough to continue to give me chances.

I am asking that our dear ones in Heaven will watch over these babies and help me to take care of them. Declan and David please pray for us and help us to keep these babies safe.


  1. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Wow! you too with identical twins! God is sending them out lately! I am glad that you have made it out of the 1st trimester , but I see you still have some concerns because of the sac sharing--I had done reading on the mo-mo twins when I was preg with mine. But, I see in the early US picture up at the top there seems to be 2 yolk sacs and I read that seeing the 2 yolk sacs is a good possibility of them being in 2 separate sacs because it usually meant they split early on.
    God bless you and your beautiful growing family.

    1. I pray that is the case. The doctor just kept saying he wasn't sure. Then the other day I read that if they don't see it early on it doesn't look good. I am sure that my mind is just jumping to something to worry about. One placenta is not nearly as dangerous for them. I am gun shy I guess coming off the last miscarriage. I am sure you can relate. I am so sorry for your loss. As I pray for the health of these two I will include the prayer for peace for you all! Thank you for the positive words.


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