Monday, January 23, 2012

A Look Into the Stars

We often try to visit as many of the wonderful free museums when we are in St. Louis.  They are all so well maintained and wonderful.  Each visit we spend a little time at the St. Louis Science Center. 

This visit I wanted to do something we don't normally do.  We explored only the Planetarium.   There was a cost but with only 4 kiddos we made the most of it.  Miss Brenda joined us which allowed us to explore an almost empty exhibit with freedom to split up and see what ever we wanted. 

 Inside the unique shape is a theater that shows the stars in the night sky.  So beautiful.

 After the show we walked around and explored the exhibit.  We touched a few meteors and even got to touch a small piece of the planet Mars. 

We had a great day!  It ended with a great meal, at our beloved Steak N Shake.
We miss the big kids but worked hard to enjoy ourselves and look forward to their return.

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