Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Where have Dad and Possible been?

It has been evident from all of our pictures that a few very important members have been missing from the trip to St. Louis, and then onto the March for Life.  We have missed Possible and Dad very much the past week.  Dad had to work, when in sales you can't avoid a trade show given by your bigger clients.  The fun news was that his trade show and meetings were held on the property of Disney World in Orlando Florida.  J planned ahead and new he would have Sunday mostly free and Monday evening after the Trade Show he was free.  We decided that this would be a great time for Possilbe to spend some time with Dad.  So she got to have her first flight, some yummy foods, swim time, and a day and an evening at the parks of Disney World. 

I do just want to say yummy to all the food they send picutres of.  We can't wait to get back home to talk to Possible about her time at Disney World.  None of the other children have been there. 

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