Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mass at Home

I got to do something that I normally do not get to do. I got the pick which Mass we went to and at the Church I most wanted to visit.  I picked the parish that I remember as my home parish for years.  I was three when we moved into St. Clement of Rome parish and moved out when I got married.  Our wedding wasn't there and I kind of regret that.  My faith grew strong at this place.  I was blessed to have great priests throughout the years.  I loved going to Mass every day when I was a child with the Catholic school.  Now a days most Catholic schools start too early for anyone to attend daily Mass - very sad.  I have so many fond memories of finding peace and knowing God inside that building.  It was so good to visit.
I have forgotten how the stain glass all around the round building shine.  I loved the shot of priest giving the homily.  I remember it from all my years of formation growing up.  To me the priest, next to the Easter candle with the cross and the Tabernacle behind him with the glass shinning above is the way it is supposed to look.  I know that is just because I saw it everyday for several years. 

This is a picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.  This devotion is one that I love.  I never see it in Texas but remember her helping me so many times with so many issues through the years.  She is so beautiful and so loving.  I was glad to show the kids this picture and introduce them to this image.  

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