Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Day for rest and visiting family

Our long trip was exhausting. The kids did not want to waste one minute of being near family. The first day in St. Louis started early with Mimi's neighbors and my Niece and Nephew coming over for a visit before school.  We were all so tired but loved to wake up and give them hugs and kisses. 
We spent the morning moving very slowly.  We got to spend time with Mimi and her new love Lucy.  Then we got moving because Dad's sister aunt Erica called and she wanted to meet us for lunch.

Uncle Resto is a favorite for sure.  He happens to be Bagel's God Father so this is a great picture.
Bear is here with Georgie, my nephew and J's God son, with Jumba just grinning.  He loves not being the youngest.  Lunch was a great.  I miss that family time so much.
My kiddos were still a little sleepy from our long journey but having a blast.

Back at MiMi's my brother stopped by with his kiddos and KeeKee's kiddos joined in the fun as well.  T-Man is such a doll baby. 

Goobers loved her Maddie time. 
Pickle is just a silly one.

Miss Brenda came over and we had a blast talking with my brother Joe-Joe. 

The kids all eating together is so precious and Uncle Joe is right there in the mix.
Yep, time with family is very very special.

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