Saturday, September 24, 2011

It just might be time for a little Mark Twain

Not sure how Sugar did it. She has only been given the job of grass cutting a few months back. When Bear started working all summer dad decided it was time to pass on the chore.

It still cracks me up when I look at the pictures. Sugar was sent outside to work on the yard.

The next thing I know Bagel is inside getting water for Sugar and Pickle.

I peak outside to see why Pickle needs water and was surprised to realize that Sugar has convinced Pickle that he is just about old enough to cut the grass.
In the end every one was happy. The yard was cut and looked nice. Pickle felt all grown up because he was getting to do the job of a big kids. Sugar was relaxed and calm knowing that she was able to get the job done without working too hard. Win - win - win!

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