Sunday, September 25, 2011

Back to School Park time with BOL

We are very independent when it comes to our schooling. My kiddos seam to be at their own passes so we don't do a bunch of the group activities. The little ones don't seam to need to interact with people outside our family like their older counter parts did.

We try to go to park days with our home school support group. I love the Bread Of Life families and I need the social time even if the kiddos do not.

They do find friends no matter what and it always impresses me.

In a home school group our size there is often a baby to love on. The older kids like to join in for this reason.

And then we often find a new friend from the natural world.
 Our school year is off to a good start.  As always I am surprised by the bumps but they do make life interesting. 
May God bless this school year and help us to use it to grow closer to Him.

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