Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hidden Talents


Goobers and Bear have really grown up this past summer.  They worked so much of the time.  Many of their shifts were at the same pools.  They fight like cats and dogs but get furious with outsiders that mess with them.  I can not even begin to describe their conversations.  They will bicker and laugh at the same time.  I only hope they always remain close enough to take the time to play these silly games with each other.  Cup stacking, a real hidden talent in the Texas T home.

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  1. Love cup stacking! Mary got to try this last year in school and loved it. I always got tickled by how fast my 3rd graders could do this when I was teaching. Talent for sure!

    I love that your children love each other so...even with bickering! I hope that I am raising my children to know that same kind of love too!


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