Thursday, September 1, 2011

Be careful on the roads!

Goobers is now 17 and still we have not taught her how to drive. She finally helped us get our act together and got her enrolled in a parent taught class. After the required study we ended up spending SEVERAL hours waiting for her to take the permit test.

Please say a prayer or two for Goobers and her safety. She will be spending the next few weeks and months getting in as much practice as we will allow. She will be a wonderful driver. It is hard to learn on a 15 packer - poor girl. Now we just ask that you are careful on the roads.


  1. I'll say a couple prayers for her!! She'll do great!!

    Nice to "meet" you! Your family is beautiful!!
    My husband always wanted a red head baby girl...still hasn't happened, love all the red hair!!

    God bless!

  2. Thanks for visiting. Just so you know the red heads do have a strong Irish temper. LOL

    We are orginally from St. Louis MO. We were told 2 years here maybe 3 and it has been 9. I am going crazy. I hate the heat and I miss the change of seasons so much. I have always wanted to live further north but for whatever reason we are banished here. The other day a friend sayed, "Satan called and he wants his weather back!" That is how I feel at times. In the winter I will look and you blog and wish I was in the cold myself.

    At least I can share with others in pictures. I beg you to post as many fall leaf pictures as possible:)

    It is always wonderful to meet fellow Catholic families.


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