Thursday, September 1, 2011

Here comes school time . . .

School was going to begin on Monday. The local private schools were working on their second week of school and the local public schools had just gone back. We took that extra week because Goobers and Bear had worked so had this last month of summer.   So many life guards go off to college or get busy with highschool sports leaving all the shifts to the few that are left.  After 8 days of doubles they needed a break. 
We spent much of the week trying to prepare for the coming school year.  I searched out a few books and did a little planning.  The kids had to clean to get the house prepared for us to spend the day out.  I got back from shopping to see this note.  They really need school.  .  . "IT IS BEACH,  PEOPLE,  NOT BAECH!"  God love them.

Galveston is not a pretty beach at all.  I think it smells bad as well.  But we set out to enjoy a day in the water.  We got a late start but knew that it was our last day to do this and we wanted it to be a special day.  The temperature of 107 would not keep us from having fun, just mom.

I made little Jumba  wear a life-jacket.  He actually liked it while in the water. 
Everyone had a blast.

We were surrounded by wildlife.  J even caught a fish that was swimming by. 
It is very hard to see.  It was about the size of a quarter and we put it in a water bottle for a few minutes to examine.

Everything we tried to eat would bring on the barrage of birds.  They were everywhere.
The kids had a blast playing with them, dodging them, feeding them.  We were very fearful of droppings.

Then it happened, poor Princess was the one that was awarded the prize.


We really did have a blast at the beach.  The eight that are left in T Academy enjoyed this adventure.  Mom the teacher and dad the principal also enjoyed the afternoon get away.  We have all worked very hard this summer and it was a perfect day with wonderful people.

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