Thursday, September 1, 2011

What is up with my blog?

I am so blessed to have friends that are on the ball.  My blog is not something I check in the mornings.  I am too busy looking at yours and then teaching or cleaning.  Today I got a facebook message from my highschool friend Val.  We have reconnected through facebook and then the love of Catholic faith and Family Blogs.  It is a cyber world we share but our friendship is special to me.  She alerted me about a problem. 

Sure enough, each time I tried to get to my blog it would flip to a generic blog rolling page instructing me on how to create a blog. 

Frustrating, but only for a second or two.  Val also connected me to another blog with the solution.  If you are having the same issues just do what Jamie Jo did.  She tells you how here:  What the heck? 

Thank you ladies for getting me back on track.  Now off to grocery shop and teach (somehow that needs to happen at the same time.)

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