Monday, October 4, 2010

The Cubs win

As we have stated before I have a family of Cub fans. I don't understand it myself but I have learned to deal with it. Usually it means we have a very hopeful and joyful spring training and then around August everyone is angry. By September and October the "There is always next year" mentality has begun. In June we bought tickets to an Astros vs Cubs game for everyone in the family very late in the season. In the end it was the second to last game for both teams.
It is always fun walking into a huge public place like this with all the kiddos. People turn and look. We just smile and laugh. We aren't famous, we aren't known, but we do have fun.

The Cubs had a bases loaded at one point and then a home run was hit. So exciting. If only the Cubs played this well all season.

This was a fun family evening. I am so glad that we purchased the tickets. We had a blast! We also thank the Cubs for the win.

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