Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bagel's Tooth is missing

It happened, Bagel's first tooth came out. She is growing up so fast.
This picture says it all. We were all so excited for poor little Bagel. The first tooth is so exciting and it does mean that you are growing up. The poor thing freaked out. She isn't too great with change.
About 2 hours after these pictures were taken she started to get excited. I am so proud of all her siblings. They loved her even when she was "freaking out". They all kept telling her that it would be OK and that it was a great thing to happen.
With the reminder from the big kids she prepared her tooth. The BIC envelope was the only one she found but it didn't stop her. She set everything out on the mantle. Bagel then instructed mom and dad to get to bed at a decent time so that the tooth fairy would not be scared away. The big siblings also worried that the tooth fairy might forget their precious sister, they sent text messages all night long to make sure that their Bagel was taken care of.
She woke very early and then was too scared to check. She saw the envelope sitting there on the mantle and her heart sank. (Our tooth fairy has the reputation of taking weekends off.) Then she started screaming when she discovered that her tooth had been replaced with some money. The joy in the life of a 6 year old is a wonderful thing. May your day hold some of this wonder!

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