Monday, October 4, 2010

Bear is 15

So my little Pooh Bear is now growing by leaps and bounds. I love the young man that he is becoming. His birthday came and passed without too much excitement. On his actual birthday J took Sugar and Possible with him for the day. Bear woke to wishes from everyone. He was very gracious with the little ones and their cards and small gifts. I don't know if he even realizes how much he is appreciated and loved by his siblings, younger and older. Pooker and Goobers arranged an evening at the park with their crowd. Bear had a blast.

The group of friends is a wonderful group of people. Each and everyone of them is fun and joyful. This was a group that came last minute and brought a cake with them. They played with all the Texas's T's. Bear is blessed to have such a wonderful fan base.

A few days later, when we had everyone back together we let Bear pick his own cake out. We sang to him and enjoyed an evening hanging out together as a family.

Bear is a great kid. His father and I are so very proud of how well he is doing with his school work. He is a mature young man.

We love you Bear. We love you so much more than you can ever imagine. The entire family is proud of you and would do anything for you. Thanks for being such a fun young man. Happy b-day to my favorite 15 year old!

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