Monday, October 25, 2010

Preparing at a Catholic parish!

We are working hard to be able to get everything in so we can RV next year. This is not that easy when you look at all the little details that need to be worked out. I am still trying to adjust our school year to accommodate all that we need to be prepared.
One of those tasks was to prepare for the various Sacraments that we are ready for. You would not even believe the amount of controversy this causes in the homeschool circles.
Here in the Arch Diocese of Galveston and Houston the rules to receive the Sacraments are very different than they were when I was growing up in the St. Louis Diocese.
I have issues with many of them but in trying to be obedient I am working to jump through the hoops a little bit.
Princess is officially in the program and Bagel is going with her. The two do everything together and next year we will be on the road (at least that is what we are aiming for.)
Confirmation is for Sophomores at our parish, every parish has different rules. I got permission for our freshman Sugar to join in because of our hopes for next years travels.
So as it turns out Bear and Sugar are in the same class with Pooker is the teacher. It doesn't get better than that.

So out of 9 we have 2 in prep for Communion, 2 in prep for Confirmation, 1 teaching and 1 more helping with Confirmation.

I can't promise that everything is going to happen the way in which it seams planned but we are one very important step closer to our dreams of an RV semester.

If you think of it please offer up a few prayers for my four kiddos that will be headed to various sacraments within the next year. No matter they can use the prayers and so can the parents as we juggle the hoops that are required by our parish.

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