Saturday, October 23, 2010

You can't call this Fall

UGH! I am tired of this! I know that I am just not happy but I am getting sick of hearing about how great this weather is. Just because it isn't 95 degrees out doesn't mean it is great weather. Fall weather should be cooler! It is hitting 90 again this week. My poor kids try to make me feel better by bringing me a leaf that has changed colors. See the leaf on this windshield, yuck. I miss the yellows, red's and oranges that God uses to color the trees up North.
We do have stuff falling. Pine cones, Pine needles and dead branches.
Yuck! But there is always next year. We are actively working to reach our family goal of getting an RV and seeing some American history locations next fall. A few of those places will have to be the Northeast. Till then I will be down here in Houston, complaining about the heat and the lack of color, while raking those ugly needles up.

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