Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Do your kids ever fight?

Only over a cute newborn who is waiting for hugs and kisses. Mrs. G with precious baby K. They were so generous to share her with each and every Texas T. That is a lot of people to let hold your very new baby.

Bear with K.
Goobers with K.

Pooker's turn.
So even mom and dad needed a turn. Do you see how adorable she is? Let me tell you she had just had a bath and smelled just like a baby should. She had tons of hair and a beautiful round face that just screams "kiss on me!".
Possible so loved holding that bundle.
Pickle also just loved looking at all the faces a newborn makes.

Princess would have held K all day if we let her.
Look at K with Bagel. The little foot in the corner, so cute!

Jumba is declaring, "I want one, Dad, hey dad, I want a baby!"
It is this wonderful family's anniversary this weekend. We pray that God continues to Bless your marriage and we thank you for letting us be a little part of your lives. K is such beautiful baby. Life doesn't get better than looking into the eyes of a baby, feeling her breathe and knowing what the love of heaven feels like.
Thank you so much for showing my young ones how life should look. We loved spending time with the entire G family and can't wait until you live a little closer.

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