Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cuda Season is Over for the Texas T Family

A happy (yet little sad) day was had by all at our N1 Divisionals at the Natatorium. All five teams come together to battle is out for the placement of the season. The final results looked like this: Hurricanes 301Seals 293.5 Marlins 229 Cudas 214 Waves 202.5 Those numbers fail to show the fun and excitement this huge meet can be. The kids wait outside in a covered area to swim. It is still very hot but being in the shade helps a little. The parents, volunteers and those swimming get to be inside the huge air conditioned complex. Still a pool so it was somewhat steamy but not as bad as pool side has been the week before.

Two pools back to back, one holding the big kids meet and the other holding the little kids meet. This is a very efficient way to run things. We were finished with a meet with 5 teams by 1:15.

Staying cool outside was the challenge but the payoff was having your name in lights when it was your turn to swim. It is a great experience to swim in such a neat place. I would compare it to playing a t-ball game in a professional minor league park.
The little ones were a little afraid of the high blocks but still enjoyed their chance to swim. The water was cool and the pool has wave blockers (or whatever they are called - they are pads that are secured on each side of the pool that catch the waves and don't let them come back out.) So it is known as a fast pool.

Pickle had set the goal for himself to make All Stars. He did in breaststroke. The Texas T kiddos are not the fastest swimmers but they sure do love the team and the fun the meets bring. I love that each one gives their best and tries so hard.

Having Pooker as a coach this year just made things extra special. I loved that I got several complements about her from parents that day. She is known as one of the coaches that really cares about the younger swimmers. She is less worried about the end result and very worried about how the swimmer is learning and if they feel confident. This really touched so many of the mothers of the young swimmers.

Pooker coached her with her heart. Jumba cheered for those that hold his heart. My kiddos swam their little hearts out.
Another great season and another collection of wonderful memories of family and friends for the Texas T group.
We headed out to eat to celebrate. We were honored to have a few friends join us. The meal was delicious and the conversation was all about the love of the Cudas.
Jumba crashed after the meal was complete. The rest of us had to wait to get home for a nap but after a great season I think we could all use a long summers nap. Thanks Cuda friends, we love you!

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