Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baseball with Uncle Resto

Some of our best baseball memories are those that include the children's uncle Michael. In the baseball world he is known as Resto. He has had a fun career in the minor leagues with some time on various major league teams, even spending a season in Japan. We have loved getting to peak into this lifestyle and share in some of the ups and downs. Uncle Resto is always so generous ans tries to spend as much time with us as he can when we are blessed with a chance to see him.
Last week we packed up the kiddos and headed to Round Rock, Texas. Due to the baseball schedule, Dad and the teens work schedules, and our travel plans we could only fit in one game this go around.

The day started as we waited for our family friend G to join us and for Pooker to get home from school.

Then we drove to Round Rock where we got to have lunch with Uncle Resto.

Dad and Uncle Resto were deep in conversation most of the meal. Seeing Uncle Resto made us miss his family, Aunt Erica - Dad's sister, and Allie and George the cousins.

After awhile we came to the park. Jumba was so excited when he realized Uncle Resto was playing the game.

My girls love baseball, they always have.

The older kiddos used to watch Uncle Resto several times a season, but we have not had that opportunity lately so the little ones were a little taken back.

Jumba and Pickle were the ones that talked the entire game. Pickle was asking baseball rule questions and Jumba was asking Uncle Resto questions.

No matter how the game goes, our favorite part is seeing Uncle Resto after the game. We would have loved to have stayed in town and gone to dinner with him but we had to get back.

The night was so special. It is worth even the Texas heat to see family.

Thank you Uncle Resto for taking such great care of us.

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