Friday, May 28, 2010

The Zoo

Knowing that I hate the heat I bundled the crew up to visit the Houston zoo, we were expecting a Snow Storm.
We are new members of the zoo and this would be our first visit in 7 years. When we first moved to Houston we went and hated it because it cost money and was nothing compared to the St. Louis Zoo. A few months back Pickle was talking to Jumba and was describing this wonderful place where people can go to visit animals from all over the world Jumba was excited but Pickle said mom and dad just don't love us anymore because they stopped taking us.
I proved our love that very day by turning in a membership form. We planned to spend the day with the Snow Family.
I can't say that we loved the exhibits.
I can't say we even noticed though.
We seam to be lost in the company every time we visit with the Snow's.
I can't even believe how much fun our kids still have together after all these years. Mrs. Snow is the woman that first tried to encourage me to love Houston. She has not succeeded but i sure do love her.

That was the entire crowd.

Every few steps we would stop and just chat.

I love the interaction between all the ages. We are all friends.
Pickle loved the day.
The rest of us loved the time with friends.
Water was a big hit in the Houston humidity and heat.

Jumba's favorite was the Lion. He kept saying, "It's Aslan!" Sorry babe it is just a wild Lion.

How to find relief and make the day last a few more minutes?
Try some paddle boat rides.

It was sad to drive away and see the Snow Mobile in the rear view mirror. Jumba was asleep long before the car even cooled off.
I don't think we love the zoo at all, but honestly we didn't pay attention. Maybe in the fall when the temps start to drop we will try it again. Now to join Jumba in that nap!

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