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Eczema Help

I know this will seam like a crazy post considering I only blog about our family life here. I am going to go out on a limb and recommend a product. I do so because I am always running into people that struggle with Eczema and I tell them about the product. Often times months later I am asked "What was that product again, I didn't get it because the doctor tried something new. It didn't work so what was that again?"
(You can see the patches of 'dry' skin under her lips and the opposite cheek.)

When I was a teenager I babysat for a family one time. The mother told me that the child had Eczema and it needed to be treated at every diaper change. I got freaked out when I saw the redness all over this child. I was scared and had no idea what the term Eczema meant. Years later I would learn that my fear was unwarranted but that the child was in real pain. I wish I had not turned down every call from the mom based on that reason alone.

(If you look close at her checks you can see red and her hands.)

Flash forward 13 years or so and by this time I was a mother of 5. Possible was a little baby and she cried all the time. She was covered with Eczema. This poor baby would never sleep well and scratch herself all night. We would keep her nails real short and had to be careful in her room. The static electricity in the winter was crazy as we would see flashes of light as she would rub and run. Her sheets were all stained with blood. Poor baby. (We later found out that she also had a heart condition. I suspect she was more agitated by her skin issues because of her lack of sleep due to the heart issue.) Anyway Possible was a feisty, crabby baby that had horrible looking skin.

As parents we tried anything and everything to try to help her. Each person we talked to would recommend a new product to try. We always tried stuff and nothing helped. We didn't like the steroid creams either from the doctor. They didn't work well and we didn't like the risks associated with them. Then when she was around 4 we moved to Texas, Ye haw! I hoped that the moist humid air of Houston would help her skin. It was better than before that winter but not great, not even good. When the spring came around, I thought I would loose it. She was red, inflamed and suffering all over again.

I remember hearing and ad on the radio for an a product that promised to help. I was eager to learn more about this product. Upon returning home I called the number from the ad and was very disappointed that our budget could not afford the VERY EXPENSIVE cream. This broke my heart. I had found hope and lost it again so quickly. I decided to see if I could recreate that product or try to find a similar one on-line. In my search I found a product call FreeDerm: FreeDerm .

We placed an order as this product was pricey but not nearly as bad as the other one. I figured that you get what you pay for but maybe the FreeDerm would give Possible a little relief at least until we could afford the other product. I took before pictures so that I could get my money back when I returned it if it didn't work. Our joy came the next night when Possible quietly stated that she didn't think she itched as much. We kept up with putting on the cream and never took after pictures. We just forgot. without even realizing it her eczema became a mild issue that went on the back burner. The night and day difference we now take for granted.

(In this picture we are at a ball game. I you look close you can see the
scabs around her ankle.)

Often people show me their skin issues and I recommend whole heartily this product. I always forget to come home and send an email. Maybe after this post that includes a link I can do a better job of sharing our success.
(Poor baby, check out those arms)
I must note that Pickle has needed the cream as well. It did burn a little when they first used it. I say a little they say a lot. They tell me that it only hurts the first few times but it gets better so fast that now they don't care that it hurts at first. Now I order the cream and try to keep it on hard. The cost isn't bad but it is higher than over the counter stuff. That is our story and it did really help our little Possible. Pickle pointed out that his got better over night last night as we just remembered to order our yearly supply (hence the reminder to post it). It really does work for my family and if a member of your family suffers from eczema give it a try. It changed our lives and offered relief in way that I never thought we would find. I hope it will work for you as well.
(This is her skin after the cream for a few months.)

No matter what, you have to admit that Possible was a cute little one even with her skin hurting. Please give FreeDerm a try if you want something that helps. Try it for 3 days and then if you think of it leave me a comment. I am curious if others will have the same luck with this wonderful find.

*****6-1-10 update: apparently in 2007 the company changed the formula. They still have both versions available. The link I provide is for the all natural version if you prefer the added ingredients here is information to get that pre-2007 formula.

The all natural version is what we now sell on our website. If
you prefer the MEDICATED version that has the hydrocortisone and Benzylalkonium Chloride (anti-microbial) ingredients, you can order that one by calling our corporate office directly at : 716-204-0246. if you are calling from
outside the USA you would dial: 001-716-204-0246.

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