Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer heat is here!

UGH! I _____ Houston. In many ways I love the people and kindness that can only be found in the south. I love the community feeling in every activity we do. I love the foods rich and full of flavor. I adore the Tex-Mex foods as well so tasty and colorful. But the HEAT?? I just don't get it. How come people love it here? How do they love the humidity. Great for the skin but awful to breathe in.
Today's highs (doesn't include heat index)
I read that some of my friends living up north are still longing for warm weather. I am so jealous. It was all bearable until last Friday. The humidity hit with the high temps. It doesn't cool down much at night. I fear that by next month it will not cool down at all in the evenings. I miss the cooler weather all year around. I miss the snow and ice, but I am alone in this. My family is happy to tolerate the heat.

Tomorrow's highs (UGH)

I write this to just state my feelings. I find it so depressing as the heat starts to crank up. Then with the humidity I struggle to be outside at all. I just don't like it. UGH!

Dear God,
If you want to move
me farther North I would be happy. Another option would be to send
colder temps my way. I would love that also.

All my love (No matter how hot is gets!),



  1. Too bad there's not some way to send some of the heat up their way!


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