Saturday, May 22, 2010

Time to say Goodbye!

Our fun time with visitors had come to an end. It was Monday morning and as luck would have it Mimi, KeeKee and Fr. Keller were all on the same flight back to St. Louis. KeeKee had rented a car so our goodbyes were at home. We shared a cake that we had purchased for the night before in celebration of Goobers big day.
Pickle and Jumbe both wore black today. Later Jumba asked if his black shirt and suit coat together made him look like Fr. Keller. I loved that!
Fr. was very careful to let the kiddos be around him with cake and still managed to not get dirty. I need to take lessons.
No one wanted them to go.
Fr. Keller and Possible usually have a combative relationship. This visit Fr. Tom decided that he would drive Possible crazy by being super nice to her. It worked. She had no idea how to interact with him. She was off her mark . . . and often resorted to her old ways. Not at all a surprise to Fr.
Jumba was mad because he doesn't own black pants.
We had even one more teaching/learning moment with father. Pooker even pulled out some notes from a class to seek Father's opinion.
Until the time had come.
Jumba was trying to figure out how he could sneak into the luggage.
Hugs all around. And our goodbyes.

We will miss you all very much!

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