Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cuda Vs Marlins

This battle began with a rain storm on Friday night. Our pep-rally was wet and cold. Everyone huddled under the pavilions and made the most of it.
Posters were made.
Bear was colored.
Sugar and Bear anxiously awaited the dancing and cheers.
The wet Jr. Coaches led the crowds into several cheers "GO CUDAS!!!"
The skies were dark but the cheers were happy.
Time with friends is always fun.
Dancing around brightened every one's spirits.
All were included.

Well all the girls anyway.
The boys were not as happy.
The rains continued the next day. The Two tent cities that are erected for the meets were soggy.
Bagel was so scared. We were not sure until this moment if she would actually be a Cuda this year. Sure she had the shirt but would she swim the meets.
She did!
We were all very proud of her. The Cuda tradition was being shared with more of the family. Now we need to see about getting Bagel a uniform suit.
Thunder delayed the meet several times. The kiddos made the most of it by asking for dance music to be played and then dancing the time away. Goobers retold a story of a young 6 year old from the opposite team. She came up and asked if she could dance with them. They invited her in and when the meet started again she whispered to Goobers, "Next year I am going to tell my mom that I want to be a Cuda!"
Dad and Mr. J spending the wet meet deep in conversation.
Princess preparing to take off.
Bagel attached herself to this young woman and was with her most of the day.
Jumba thinks he is one of the big kids and is often found hanging with the teens.
At one point in the day my heart became very very sad. I was standing where Linda always stood and talked with us during meets. I looked up and saw her daughter and mine. Kat and Sugar were missing her also.
Goobers preparing for a swim.

We were all tired and sore when this long meet was finally finished. In the end the Marlins beat the Cudas but we still had a good time and enjoyed the day.

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