Saturday, May 22, 2010

Confirmation Post!

Goobers Looked so pretty on her Confirmation Day!!She picked Bernadette as her saint name. She has loved that saint form early childhood. This is her good friend Dom-N-Q. She is in Catholic Coffee Club and a neighbor. Both looked so happy to finally be here. Goobers faith is so important to her. She has an understanding that is so beautiful. So much of the deep theological stuff is very simple to her. I love that about her.

(We were not allowed to take pictures during the Mass. I will try to add a copy after I get it from the photographer of her actually being Confirmed. I am upset that I didn't grab a shot anyway as Fr. Keller con-celebrated the Mass. The professional never thought to grab a shot of the Bishop and priests on the alter. So I will forever miss that shot.)

Here they are again, all filled with the Spirit. Can you tell? I can! Goobers was so happy the rest of the night. She was glowing. Goobers and her friends.
Goobers stood in line for a picture with the Bishop while the rest of us tried to pass the time. KeeKee is the best entertainment.
She makes every one feel so special.
A few snuck away and I went to search for them. This is what I found in the girls locker room.
Silly girls, all dressed up and hiding in lockers.
Our men were ready to move on to food.
But we had a few more shots . . .
Goobers with her two Confirmation Class teachers, one of which being Pooker. The young man is a Senior that volunteered his entire year to help with the class.
Well at least it is a good picture of Pooker.
Our parish priest, also Fr. Tom showing Goobers his congratulations.
The proud mom and dad.
On to a nice dinner.
. . . and some silly time with Mimi.
Jumba confessed to me that he really does love Fr. Keller and wants him to live closer.
The girls are already planning for next year. Same teachers with Goobers as the assistant and Bear as the Student. He threatened so ask for other teachers.
Silly girl. I guess her faith was so bright she needed shades.
We want to formally thank KeeKee and Mimi for altering their schedules and making it to the Confirmation. It wasn't easy considering the ceremony was at 6:00 PM. It did mean flying out the next day and missing work. Thank you guys it meant the world to us. We missed the California Connection but they couldn't get a flight any later.
Goobers is now filled with the Spirit. She has asked to Confirm that with the Church through the Sacrament of Confirmation. We know that she is strong in her knowledge and her belief. We thank our Heavenly Father for sending this precious child into our lives. We love you Goobers and we could not be prouder of you than we were on your special day!

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