Thursday, May 13, 2010

Space Travelers

Let's head to NASA! Houston we have a problem, "The Texas's T's with the California Connection are headed your way!" You can see trouble in the eyes of these cousins. Tired from a night of chatting but ready to take on space. Bagel with Ellie above and Possible with Gabby below.
These two were instant best friends. They talked all night and hatched plans all day.
Nothing like sharing a drink with family.
We were all so excited to get on the shuttles to take us to our tour.
Jumba was a little unsure but settled down once we got started.
Mom was too busy directing other children to smile for the picture here. I was so happy to be there with my nieces and my sister.Aunt Katie decided that her name needed to be changed to DeeDee.
I am not sure that Jumba learned as much on the tour as we hoped he might.
Yes the men did get tired of all the shots I kept trying to get.
Princess was a good fit for her cousin Letty. Fr. Keller worked non stop with Princess over the weekend to teach her how to tie her show. Princess did great and here she is trying away.
Jumba wasn't as impressed with the rockets as he was with climbing.
Princess was ready to pose at any time.
Sugar here with Ellie.
Excuse me Goobers but is that a rocket ship behind you?
Time for a short break.
More to see.
When we first moved down here this building was not here. The rocket was being to effected by our harsh humid climate so a building was put around it. Walking among these huge ships makes me feel very tiny and part of something so much bigger.
My guy Pickle with his killer smile.
Letty is the smart one. She stopped talking so that she looked good in the picture.
Jumba did not enjoy himself until the very end when he saw this astronaut "floating" above him. he instructed me to get a picture and them Bagel came to show him some more astronauts.
I just loved watching them walk off to explore hand in hand. The two posed for pictures while the rest of of realized the color of their outfits was too much for this shot. It was like they planned ahead.
Princess with Ellie.
Jumba playing.

DeeDee Playing

Jumba and Fr. Tom playing.

Goobers gets into the games.

Dad entertaining the troops.

The men are not playing here but trying to understand it.

We were all tired by the time we headed to the car. Jumba crying here is the beginning to the evening break down.

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