Thursday, May 13, 2010

What does the inside of a 15 packer looks like?

We have a Gold colored GMC Savana 15 Passenger Van.Our car is a huge source of interest. I find this so funny but we are always asked about what car we drive and then what it must be like on the inside. Kids are always asking to look inside. Here is a picture of each row from our day headed to and from the Space Center.
Front seat.Row 1Row 2
Row 3 (always known as the boys row)
Row 4.
Not very exciting. The back is bumpy for sure. If you are counting we got 16 people in with one double buckle. Thanks DeeDee for the Pictures.


  1. that is one amazing van. i wonder if it guzzles gas or is efficient. not that that would matter. if you need it, you need it. I love your new blog header too!

  2. It isn't too too bad with gas, it isn't great either. It is so much better at gas than 2 or 3 cars which would be the only other way to haul that many children around. Thanks for the kind words, and the award. I hope to add that in the next day or so.


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