Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mother Day (with my mom and sisters!)

We began the day at the park with a meal from Olive Garden. We all love that place but knew that on Mother's Day we might have trouble getting seating for 19 people. We ordered ahead invited a friend to join us and headed to the park. Fr. blessed the food ands kids enjoyed. The W family joined us for the morning to fly kites, play wiffle ball, and celebrate motherhood.
My wonderful daughters Pooker, Goobers and Sugar served everyone. They made sure we all had enough to eat and that I didn't need to work too hard.
I love this picture of happy children, eating and talking. They are so blessed to have that time together.
After the past few days Jumba had grown pretty close to Father. He trusted him and knew that around Father things were always fun.
DeeDee would not be able to stay for the Confirmation ceremony but is Goobers God-Mother. We wanted to make sure we got a few pictures of the two of them. It meant so much to us that the California Connection made the investment and game to help us celebrate.
Time with Mimi is another gift beyond words. Mimi is one of those grandma's that just knows how to be a grandma. She loves unconditionally and we all feel it.
My mom has taught so much about life. She is the first person I call when I have good news or bad news. I know how blessed I am to have her around still and how blessed I am to be so close to her. Happy mother's day mom, you really are the best. My sisters are wonderful mothers and I felt so honored that they shared this special day with my crowd. KeeKee had to even leave her kiddos behind but came anyway. Than you for that sacrifice.
I also owe Fr. Keller's mom a huge thank you as well. Fr. is an only child. He asked his mom's permission before making plans to visit us. The one day out of the year that she knows is her day with him, and she let us have him. We really were so blessed and I hope she knows that he spoke of her often.
C is also an only child. I think he sometimes gets overwhelmed around my crowd but he and his dad made the most of it and had fun.
The last Fr. Tom visit we had a record of 6 kites flying hooked together. We spent all afternoon working to break that record.
Everyone got involved and the extra people helped with that.

KeeKee and I never got much of a chance to sit and chat but it was so nice to have her around. I miss my sisters so much.
Remember the sling shots? Well Fr. didn't want them to be forgotten so we got out the sling shots and water balloons. After the kites were going strong, the crowd then began to try to shoot them out of the sky. Not much luck but it was fun to watch.
How does one aim that high?
Not sure if we can hit it?
Just for the record we did set a new one. 10 kites going strung to last one.
The beginning of the end involved shooting them out of the sky.
All this fun had to come to an end eventually. The California Connection had to prepare to leave.
We had to get some pictures first. We liked this spot with the Texas flag in the back.
That group sure had fun under Fr. Tom's direction. This group acts as his nieces and nephews.
I sure so love that group but miss Tim, Emily and Tristan. I wonder when we ever be able to get all the cousins together.
Mimi with most of her grand babies.
These guys are sitting here because they know their fun together is coming to an end.
Gabby was wearing an Aggie shirt so Pooker wanted to grab a shot.
Special hugs with KeeKee.
Goobers and Mimi enjoying the warm afternoon.
C brought a kite to fly.
Loving cousins not wanting their time to end.

Another Possible and Gabby shot. These two will miss each other the most.
Bye guys, we love you bunches and bunches. Thanks for making it in.
A special shot of C and his mom on this wonderful Mother's Day.
Just before leaving the park the focus of the day shifted to Goobers mode. We were all here for her Confirmation. KeeKee with Goobers and Pooker would head from here to get some girl stuff done. Her clan sent Goobers a cool Cubs hat. They bought it as a family while in Chicago because they love her that much.
Happy Mothers Day Mimi, DeeDee and KeeKee!

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