Saturday, May 15, 2010

Craw Fish Anyone? Our visitors get a true Texas Treat

Now the Texas part of the day was going to come out. We had been invited to our friends annual Craw Fish Boil. It is always tons of fun. We were not sure how our guests would react but needed to show them some of our culture. Still can't believe how Bagel can put these things down.
These two were in their element. They so love the Craw Fish. Personally I find it way too much work for a very little bit of food that isn't even that yummy.
I will support the cause and eat the corn that is cooked with the Craw Fish, I also love the chicken that this family adds to the menu.
I know that my mom wasn't too sure.

The California Connection wasn't sure at all about the food but had a blast with the pinata, the swing, the bonfire, the dancing, and the fellowship.
Princess is not afraid, that is for sure.

The crab bib is too much. I don't know who gave it to him but I could say that I can't agree more.
Poor Sugar started to get an allergic reaction, combined with an on coming cold, and she was not in good shape. Her face puffed up and we gave her medicine that made her very sleepy.

Sugar is tired here but enjoying the extra loving from her Mimi.
Fr. Tom was a good sport.

Uncle J was willing to teach anyone how to eat the little critters.
I am with you girl, yuck.

The night ended with lots more cousin time. All of them came and spent the night. Another night of giggles and cuddles. We love our California Cousins.

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