Friday, May 21, 2010

I was discontinued!

Kids Say the Darnedest Things! Friday

Check out some great stories on a blogger friends website by clicking the words above. This is our Friday contributions:

My kiddos are all on the Cuda's swim team again this year. It is always a mile stone when they get to step up from the 6 and unders into the 7-8 group. The younger group only gets to swim two strokes and 7-8's get three strokes in a meet. Our Princess went from 6 and unders this year into the coveted 7-8's where she would spend her first meet with 3 events. She was so excited and tad nervous. When planning the meet out the week before I asked which event she wanted to swim in. The debate included her big sister Pooker who is also one of the team's coaches. They decided that this week she would try the Breast Stroke for the first time. Princess knew that she did have the stroke mastered but sometimes the best way to learn is to just dive right in and try.

Sunday after the meet Coach Pooker went up to her baby sister and asked her if she was happy with how she did. Pooker knew that Princess had been disqualified but that she had done extremely well. DQed, as we call it, is hard for the kids but when they know they aren't perfect yet if doesn't bother them as much. It just means that even if they were the fastest in their age group their time would not earn points because they were not doing the stroke correctly. Princess has never earned a point for her team anyway so we didn't think it would bother her too much.

Her response made Pooker giggle and we all realized that Princess was a tad more upset than we thought.
Coach Pooker, "Are you happy with how you swam yesterday?"
Princess, "NO, I was horrible."
Coach Pooker, "You were not horrible you just need a little more
Princess, "Oh Yah, then how come they DISCONTINUED me!?!"


  1. very cute! love it when kiddos get the words a little mixed up!

  2. Awww---I hope her stories won't be discontinued!:D

    Love the picture--What a beautiful family!

    In Christ,

  3. Funny! Some friends used to tell their son that DQ meant he got to go to Dairy Queen!
    Visiting from Sister Ann Marie at Franciscan Life!


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