Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Incredible Fr. Tom and His Pizza

Saturday Afternoon we needed something fun to do. We also needed to feed a lot of people. We needed to remember Mimi's knees and the heat of Houston. What to do? What to do?
Fr. Tom remembered how much fun we had at Incredible Pizza the year before when we tried to avoid lots of rain.
Our group was so big that they offered us a group discount and gave us special seating.

They couldn't wait, you can see it in their eyes.

Even the big kids looked forward to the fun ahead.

The meal was so special because we were all together. Great family time with our Mimi and Aunts and Fr. Tom. The kids all got along so well with their California Connection Cousins.

Bonding over a good meal is not new to us but the next generation seams to get it also.

Another picture of Possible and Gabby. These two were friends as babies and together again they were tight. It was heart warming to see.

Fr. Tom wanted everyone to enjoy the afternoon and he sat with little ones around.
After the meal Fr. Tom sponsored a huge family mini golf tournament. So much fun as the theme for this course was Route 66. That famous HWY runs through St. Louis so we posed under the Arch.

Mimi wanted this one of her girls in front of the MO sign.

I wanted ones of the others in front of the Welcome to Texas sign.

We broke off into groups and had the entire place to ourselves for about an hour. Fun times.

I loved all the interaction between the age groups. It was a true family event and all participated.

With a few credits left the kiddos all tried to earn as many tickets as possible.

Silly glasses were one of the prizes won with the tickets.

Thank you Fr. Tom for that fun afternoon. It was perfect.

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  1. Because I find your blog so uplifting and I enjoy learning about your wonderful family, I am awarding you the Sunshine Award. Please visit my blog to find out how to accept the award. Blessings!


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