Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cuda Time Trials 2010

The season officially begins with Time Trials. Look at our huge team. Look at my huge team. Pooker and I are in bumblebee shirts because she is now one of the coaches and I am on the board.
We all love being around our friends again.
So many are just part of our extended family.
I promised Kat's mom Linda that I would always treat Kat like my own. That is my joy. You gotta love all these Texas T early morning forced smiles.
I love all the hugs from friends.
I really do thank God for allowing us to find and be a part of this wonderful group.
I love how my children get so involved and work so hard for this team.
Jr. Coaches are the best, I have several of them: Goobers, Bear and Sugar with Kat in the very front.
Adding the Coaches in adds my Pooker.
So we are thrilled that the season has begun!

Go Cudas!!!!!!

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