Friday, April 30, 2010

Turtle Hunting?

Our neighborhood homeschool group has a member that group up in the neighborhood. She knows all the cool things that can be done in the area. She grabbed her nets and some bait and invited the kiddos to the front pond to search for turtles.

The group tried very hard to do exactly what she had asked them to do.

We saw plenty of turtles.

We used the bait to try to lure them close and then the plan was to catch them with the nets.

We all tried from various locations.

Every where you looked around the pond you would see a group of kiddos intent on a specific turtle.

In the end I think the turtles were on to us. They have been around a long time too. They would eat the bait until getting to the shore then would retreat and wait for us to recast.
These two preferred to sit and chat about how silly the rest of us looked.

We tried hard to do what we had been told.
It was such a fun afternoon with the turtles teasing us.

The weather was perfect also. Warm but not hot.
Not any luck at all. We caught tons of pond stuff but no turtles.

Next time turtle, next time!

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